2017 Track Chairs

Accounting, Finance and Economics
Susan White, Chair, University of Maryland, suwhite@rhsmith.umd.edu
Open Position, Co-Chair

Digital Technologies and Operations
Joan Ramon Mallart, Outgoing Chair, ESADE, Joanra.mallart@esade.edu
avier Busquets, Outgoing Co-Chair, ESADE, Xavier.busquets@esade.edu
Lisa Eshbach, Incoming Chair, Ferris College, LisaEshbach@ferris.edu
Open Position, Incoming Co-Chair

Cases Written in French
Christine Kratz, Chair, ICN Business School, christine.kratz@icn-groupe.fr
Jeanine Billet, Co-Chair, ESC Pau, Jeanine.billet@esc-Pau.fr

Cases Written in Spanish
Josep Cano, Chair, ESADE, joseplluis.cano@esade.edu
Open Position, Co-Chair

Corporate Governance and Ethics
Marlene Reed, Chair, Baylor University, marlene_reed@baylor.edu
Vi Narapareddy, Co-Chair, University of Denver, vnarapar@du.edu

Entrepreneurship/Small Business/Family Business

Mark Rice, Chair, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, rice@wpi.edu
Gina O’Conner, Co-Chair, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, oconng@rpi.edu

Marketing/International Business
Javier Silva, Outgoing Chair, IAE Business School, jsilva@iae.edu.ar
Josep Franch, Outgoing Co-Chair, ESADE, Josep.franch@esade.edu
Michael Goldman, Incoming Chair, University of San Francisco, mmgoldman@usfca.edu
Erik Dolanski, Incoming Co-Chair 1, Brock University, edolansky@brocku.ca
Silvia Cacho Elizondo, Incoming Co-Chair 2, s.cacho@ipade.mx

Organizational Behavior/Human Resources
Margaret Lucero, Chair, TAMU, Corpus Christi, Margaret.Lucero@tamucc.edu
Karen Boroff, Co-Chair, Dean Emeritus, Seton Hall University, karen.boroff@shu.edu

Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
Open Position, Chair
Open Position, Co-Chair

Start-up Cases
Cynthia Ingols, chair, Simmons College, cynthia.ingols@simmons.edu
Open Position, Co-Chair

Strategy and Policy
Karin Schnarr, Chair, Wilfrid Laurier University, kschnarr@wlu.ca
Gina Grandy, Outgoing Co-Chair, University of Regina, gina.grandy@uregina.ca
Open Position, Incoming Co-Chair